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Diego Wedding Band Join Hire A Band

Just when you think that there can't possibly be any more great wedding bands out there, along comes a band like Diego and proves you wrong.

As Scotland's largest and most trusted wedding entertainment suppliers, Hire A Band needs to constantly add to our roster of bands just to keep up with demand.

We're very choosy as far as which bands we'll represent, and recently we've been a bit frustrated at the number of Scottish wedding bands we've had to reject.  With over 500 live enquiries on the go at any given time and only a limited number of bands good enough to offer our clients, we feel bad when we can't always help out.  Sometimes we just don't have the availability we'd like or that our clients demand.

So you can imagine how happy we were to come across a great new band like Diego. After a thorough check out from our experienced team here at Hireaband Towers, we're proud to announce that we've done it again.

A cracking new band to add to our Edinburgh wedding band and Glasgow wedding band roster, happy customers, a nice bunch of lads and some smashing new demos to listen to.  All in all a very good day in the office.

By the way, when we discover a new band as good as this, we always contact our extensive waiting list of customers.  So if you're looking for a band for your wedding, prom or party and haven't yet been in touch with us, do it now before these guys book solid.

Just call 0845 226 0494 or email and we'll provide you with a free quote.  Like all Hireaband wedding bands, you'll pay the same price to hire them through us as you would direct.