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High Praise for Frank Sinatra Tribute

Last week we had one of the country’s finest Frank Sinatra tributes out to perform at a very special event. 

Every week we receive glowing reports and testimonials for our acts, and I personally never get bored of receiving them. In fact, I can’t wait until the start of the week to read them all. Last week I received a wonderful testimonial for ‘Jay Oxenham – The Ultimate Sinatra Tribute’.

Frank Sinatra Tribute

The event he was performing at was a 21st Birthday party, and his involvement was a total surprise for the birthday girl. Between myself, the girl’s mother and Jay we formulated a plan so that Jay could arrive at the venue, get setup and then changed and ready to perform without the girl knowing.

All went off perfectly, and this is testament to Jay’s professionalism and dedication to making sure every client receives the very best performance from him.

“If you are considering adding Wow factor to a party then look no further than the amazing Jay Oxenham, who is a Frank Sinatra impersonator with class, style and panache. My daughter's 21st birthday was the most special event because of his engaging, professional and warm presence. Hireaband made it simple to organize the event and I recommend that you don't hesitate to book Jay now.”

A wonderful few words from the Birthday girl’s Mum. Thanks as always to Jay and all of our performers who go the extra mile to make sure the events they attend get the very highest standards in entertainment. 

If you would like to find out more about this Frank Sinatra Tribute then you can find all the details on his page.