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James Bond and the Skyfall effect

To be honest, most guys I know are fed up with Daniel "six pack" Craig and his chiselled good looks. When you're sitting in the cinema next to your better half, you feel obliged to suck in your gut and pass on the popcorn whenever he appears in a scene - which is all the bloomin' time!

Even natural athletes like me (!) feel intimidated and frankly inferior when faced with physical prowess on this scale.  The effect is made worse when, as recently happened to me, your partner digs you in the ribs while emitting a low "Phwoaar" sound every time Bond, James Bond takes off his shirt.

The Daniel Craig movies have had a spin off effect right across the entertainment industry and now even we've joined in with the introduction of a James Bond themed show presented by one of our best artists - Lisa Martin.

You can hire Lisa to perform her 007 show and hear a really talented vocalist in action.  Hireaband has been booking her for Vegas and Hollywood themed shows for quite some time. However the demand for the Bond connection is now breaking all previous booking records.

So rather than fight it, we've given in. If you're having a Bond night then you can't do better than hiring our own Miss Moneypenny - Lisa Martin to add class and glamour to the proceedings.  Contact us today and we'll check availability and provide you with a free quote. Click on the image below for more information and to hear Lisa in action.

James Bond show