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London Calling

It's been a smashing day here at Hire A Band towers. We like nothing better than adding new bands to our web site. It gives us a chance to listen to great music really loud (sorry to the staff at The Royal Bank of Scotland in the office below us.)

So if you're looking for the very best London wedding bands that our great city has to offer, then you're in for a treat because we think we have the most comprehensive roster of the finest bands available anywhere in the UK, not just in our nation's capital.

Let's start with London society favourites, Schwing. With perhaps the most versatile front man in the business and a big phat sound from that brilliant horn section, you can almost hear your guests paraphrasing the Ferrero Roche advert; "Why Mr Ambassador, with this band Scwhing, you are really spoiling us!"  Please note, the band does not come wrapped in gold foil.


Schwing wedding and function band



Jivin' Miss Daisy, the retro fest for those who love that forties and fifties style. This band is very busy and so, in keeping with the forties feel, are strictly rationed to only one booking per customer per night. "Put That Light Out!"

Jivin' Miss Daisy wedding and function band

Jivin' Miss Daisy


England V Brazil yet again with the Latin funk of Soul Fiesta. Book this band for the very best result on your dance floor. For us the definition of torture would be to have both legs in plaster at a Soul Fiesta gig. Dancing is compulsory, even dyed in the wool stick in the muds won't be able to resist that crazy beat.  Throw in some funky Motown and it's party time.

Soul Fiesta wedding and function band

Soul Fiesta

With more bands joining us daily watch out for more dreadful simile and metaphor laden blogs from the writing team here at Hire A Band. This is how you know our blogs are written in house and not by some hired in hacks - no one could get it this cringe-worthy and expect to get paid.  Us? We do it for the love of our art - and biscuits.  Lot's of lovely biscuits. Caramel Logs, they're our favourites. And Jaffa Cakes.