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Wedding Band Showcase in Scotland

So, another showcase over and a new one to promote.  The next Scottish Wedding Band Showcase will take place on the 12th January 2014 at The Holiday Inn East Kilbride.

This one will start at 3pm so that we can use the remaining hour of daylight to get every parked and in the hotel. Honestly, these short days are a scunner.  Off to work in the dark, home in the dark.  It's times like this that we at Hireaband Towers start daydreaming about running the business poolside in some villa in The Canaries - but that would make attending a showcase a bit of a trek.

Wedding Band Showcase Image

So for you showcase virgins out there, what can you expect from a showcase? The way we do it here at Hireaband (and we've been doing them for 14 years so we thik we've got it down pat now) is we arrange for 6 great wedding bands to come along with all their equipment and set up in the largest function room of the hotel. If you've seen "Later" with Jools Holland you'll get the idea, right down to the wee fat bloke (me) that introduces all the bands.

Each band will perform 4 songs and then hand over to the next band.  This gives you around 20 minutes of music from each band to give you an idea of how they'd look and sound at your wedding.

Once you've heard each band perform, the Hireaband team will be on hand to answer any questions or to book your preferred band there and then.

There's a fully stocked bar at the hotel as you might imagine, so you can make an afternoon of it. You can bring friends and family too, anyone who can help you make a decision will be welcome.

The winter showcases are over well before 5pm so you'll be home in time for your Sunday dinner.

This is the easiest way we know of to get the chance to hear so many bands in one go without the embarrassment of having to gatecrash someone's wedding.

You can find out which bands will be performing on the day and reserve your space at Scotland's Wedding Band Showcase here.