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Weddings in Berkshire

If you're getting married in Berkshire, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to venues. But did you know that there is also a great selection of wedding entertainers for you to choose from?

Hire Berkshire wedding bands

Hireaband is Berkshire's local entertainment agency specialising in wedding bands and DJ's. We've hand picked a selection of the very best; bands like Superfruit, The Scene, The Honeymooners, Vibe Factory and The Hazards to name but a few.

These are bands that we've seen perform live and that always get the best feedback from the couples that book them.

So what makes a good wedding band? For us, the quality of the performance is not the only criteria. We already have a very strict vetting policy in place. If a band manages to pass muster (and many who ask us to represent them don't meet our standards, in fact we reject many more acts than we accept) then you can rest assured that musically, they're already of a high standard.

However over the years and having successfully arranged the wedding entertainment for more than 5,000 couples, we've identified some equally important factors that a band must display, other than just being good musicians.

Here is a short list of what you should expect from the band you entrust to entertain your guests;

  • Experience. Bands that have just started out may not realise just what is expected at a wedding performance. Some new bands however are made up of members from previous bands that have performed at weddings in the past and will be more than capable.  If in doubt, ask us at Hireaband.
  • A professional attitude both on and off stage. Your band should treat you and your guests with courtesy. They should be flexible and able to handle reasonable requests. Drinking alcohol on stage is frowned upon at Hireaband. A top tip is to make sure your venue supplies the musicians with a plentiful supply of water and soft drinks - it gets hot up there!
  • Punctuality. The band should have planned their journey to your venue and should also make themselves aware of potential issues with the weather and any existing problems on the roads. Clearly, accidents and new roadworks can slow a band down, but planning how to get to you is part of a bands job. At Hireaband we provide each band with clear instructions and emergency contact details for the venue so that they can ask for help if it's required.
  • Reliability. The best band in the world is useless if they make a mistake with thier diary, get double booked or just plain forget to show up. Not something you have to worry about when you book your band through Hireaband. we have a thorough system of checks and double checks in place for every single booking.
  • Reasonable volume.  This should be at your discretion.  If a band is too loud, it can be uncomfortable for older and very young guests. Have a word if you have to. Professionals will take your comfort in to account.

So for wedding bands in Berkshire and the south, you can't be in safer hands that with Hireaband. we spend every day finding new bands, arranging bookings for existing bands on our roster and thoroughly checking all the details of each event to ensure there are no surprises. Best of all, the bands we represent are available at their direct prices - we never mark up a bands fee.

You may also be interested in our next wedding band showcase.  This is a free event held locally where you can see a selection of bands perform live, one after the other in comfortable surroundings.  Each show lasts about 90 minutes in total and you'll be welcome to bring friends and family.  For details of our next showcase >>click here<<

Call us at our office in Ascot on 0333 355 2750 or email today and find out why Hireaband is Berkshire's favourite wedding entertainment supplier.