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Thank You!

Thank You!

At Hireaband, we're proud of the fact that we invented the wedding band showcase. Nowadays there's probably a showcase every weekend if you look hard enough.  Proof that you can't copyright a good idea.

What keeps our showcases, in our humble opinion, still the best way to find the perfect band for your wedding is something intangible.

It's not how hard we blow our own trumpet. It's not just the fact that there is no more trusted wedding entertainment agency in the country with three VOWS Awards (Voted Outstanding Wedding Supplier) under our belts or that our people have more experience in matching our clients with the best bands than anyone else out there.

The difference is the relationship we have with the bands and DJ's we represent. That relationship couldn't be better illustrated than on the night of Wednesday the 13th February when six very busy bands, all with day jobs and families, battled their way through epic bad weather to arrive on time and in tune to perform at our wedding band showcase.

No grumbling, no excuses, just a good natured and professional attitude from 25 brilliant musicians who wanted to put on a show for the clients who had taken the trouble to come along.

One band featured a mad Manchester United fan who missed the Champions League game. That same band by the way has two members who are getting married (to each other) on Sunday the 17th February - our love and best wishes to you both.

Another musician drove his car through a road so badly flooded that the water came in through his doors!

All of them had come straight from work. Everyone was drenched, but got changed and played for two hours brilliantly, so much so that it was a very worthwhile trip for our clients, many of whom booked their band on the night.

The success of Hireaband and our position as the most trusted wedding entertainment agency in the country is completely down to the quality of the people we work for. Those musicians and performers who would never dream of letting anyone down.  We thank you sincerely and we salute your dedication and professionalism.

So here is a list of the bands that didn't let anything stop them from performing (unpaid) at our last showcase. If you want a band that will literally travel through hell and high water to get to your wedding, you won't find any better than;

Rogues Gallery




Grand Central

The Dawn Patrol